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Private investment, property sourcing, property refurbishment & project management

1. Private investment

Do you have savings in the bank that you want to invest securely? Why not consider becoming a private investor with Taylor Norton Property Ltd? The ever decreasing return the bank offers you, means that your money is depleting over time. With us, we can offer you a secure return on your money. With a minimum investment starting at £1000, investing in property is easier than you think.

2. Property sourcing

Taylor Norton Property Ltd run a bespoke sourcing business, specialising in South Yorkshire. Want to expand your property portfolio but don’t have the time or local knowledge? We can find property to suit your individual investment strategies whether that’s BTL, flips or HMOs.

3. Property refurbishment

Do you have a property that needs a refurbishment or even just a touch up? Our well-established build team and highly trusted tradesmen can help you to get the finish you need. From back-to-brick to a light refresh, we can deliver an excellent standard to suit your budget.

4. Project management

Do you have the property and build team ready, but no time to coordinate the works? Maybe you have a bigger development that requires constant input? We provide management to all projects big and small. We assess each project individually and present a project management plan to most efficiently get the job done.

5. Joint ventures

Are you a seasoned property investor looking to partner with a top-quality team that can deliver exceptional renovations? We offer a Joint Venture partnership to truly unleash the potential of your investment, significantly increasing your returns.

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